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Eye Care and Eye Wear for Edgebrook, TX


Eye exams and glasses near Edgebrook, TX!

Edgebrook, TX is a wonderful Houston neighborhood to live in. With good housing and great restaurants, and all the amenities of Houston, what could be better?

optometrist in Edgebrook, TXPasadena Southmore TSO warmly welcomes Edgebrook residents to experience an eye exam with our top quality optometrists. We are conveniently located right in Houston to serve you better. Only 10 minutes from Edgebrook, our eye doctors are worth the trip. Once you’re coming out here, why not bring the whole family. Our friendly staff would be happy to book you back to back appointments.

At Pasadena Southmore TSO, the bilingual optometrists look forward to providing you and your family with complete eye exams and other eye care services in both English and Spanish. Our opticians who are experienced and fashionable are available to help you find the eyewear that’s best for your vision needs and lifestyle.

From eye exams to eye glasses, we are here for you. Highly trained, we provide advanced eye exams and have extensive experience managing myriads of eye problems, including eye emergencies like removing embedded objects and treating eye diseases like glaucoma. We are certified pediatric optometrists as well, and we gladly provide child-friendly eye care. Pasadena Southmore TSO looks forward to serving you.

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